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Statue of Liberty Posters

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Statue Of Liberty, N.Y.C.  5

From classic to cotemporary, black and white to full color, there are many Statue of Liberty posters available to show appreciation of our freedom and the democracy that She represents.

Statue of Liberty

There are "Statue of Liberty prints " to commemorate the gift of the statue from France to the United States in 1886 and also more current images, surrounded by all the lights of the city.

Statue of Liberty  Tile

The Statue of Liberty is one of the essentail symbols of freedom in America. She stands tall in the face of danger and brings comfort to those who look at her. She reigns supreme as gazes upon the city of New York.

Stand Tall for Freedom

A popular subject for many artists and photographers in the New York area, Andy Warhol was one of many to be inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

This image of John Lennon with the Statue of Liberty, taken by Bob Gruen in 1974 truly represents two great icons and holds a special significance for many New Yorkers.

John Lennon (Liberty)

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