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Henri Silberman Posters

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Henri Silberman was born in Paris, but he is most famous for his photographs of New York City. His Black and white urban landscapes capture the spirit of New York City and include most of the city's most famous landmarks.

There are black and white pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge by Silberman that can add to the home decor of anyone that appreciates the quality photography or the stunning architecture of the bridge itself.

New York, New York, Brooklyn Bridge

Travel downtown with Henri to the famous Flatiron building. The building is so well known that the neighborhood surrounding it is called the Flatiron District. The building has been seen in many movies, television shows and as cut away shots for transitions of scenes in shows such as "Friends". One of the biggest claims to fame that the building holds is that of being the headquaters for the fictious Daily Bugle which Peter Paker of Spider-man does freelance photography for.

New York, New York, Flatiron Building

An entire room, or even home, could be dedicated to this brilliant photographer and his black and white photography of New York Cityscapes. This photo includes is an Empire State Building at night.

Empire State Building at Night

One of New York's most well known buildings is Saint Patrick's Cathedral which is located near the heart of Times Square on the east side of 5th avenue. This New York landmark has been host to thousands of weddings and funerals including the memorial services for Babe Ruth, Andy Warhol and Joe DiMaggio.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

Poet's Walk by Henri Silberman showcases the quieter side of New York City.

Poet's Walk, New York City

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